Saturday, June 7, 2014

Audio Adapters and Splitters

Audio Adapters and Splitters

    3.5mm Stereo Male to RCA Female Adapter This adapter is most commonly used to connect a S/PDIF stereo jack on a computer or portable device to the Digital Coaxial (S/PDIF) input on a receiver or surround sound processor with a standard RCA cable. Note: Your output device must be able to transmit a digital coaxial signal. This adapter will not work if your device only outputs Left/Right analog stereo signals.

    3.5mm Stereo Male to 2 RCA Female Adapter This adapter is mainly used to output sound via the headphone jack on a computer or laptop, to a television with a standard 2 RCA audio cable (Red and White connectors).
    RCA Male to 2 RCA Female Splitter This adapter ideal if you only have one set of RCA (Red and White) inputs on the back of your TV or projector and need to connect two different audio sources to the TV.

Audio Video Couplers

There are couplers made for almost any type of connection. Couplers consist of two female jacks and are used to make two cables into one longer cable.

There are many more different kinds of adapters, and splitters, but you should now have a better understanding of video audio adapters. So start making those connections and good luck!

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